Modular Partition & Ceiling Panel

We have all range of Modular Partition Panel in Double skin construction with Puff or Rockwool Insulation to supply to meet the technical aspect for the Clean room finishes. All the cut out are factory made in the partition and ceiling panel and are reinforced with Aluminum section to give the strength which not only reduce the execution time on site and more over increase the aesthetic looks and are better for Sealing of the gaps to optimum. We are leading Modular Partition Panel Supplier in India.

Feeling incommodious in your house? metallic element Partition Panel permits the space to be optimized with dividers. this may permit you to in-person style the place supported the individual wants, resulting in associate degree increased productivity and potency within the location.

Armstrong's metallic element Partition Panel comes in many shades in variable widths and heights to satisfy your wants and demands. We are leading Modular Partition Panel Supplier in India.

The need for a partition panel for the workplace or anyplace is the capability to support a surface to be able to face up to harm. they're created with superior materials for structural support. they provide optimum rigidity with long-lasting sturdiness. they'll be accustomed to produce separate work areas, divide a neighborhood, area partitions, and different functions. We are leading Modular Partition Panel Supplier in India.

1. Abrasion Resistant – The panels possess the flexibility to resist any technique of carrying down or rubbing away.
2. BFT Guard and convex and cotyloid Bending.
3. Maintenance Free – they are doing not need rigorous maintenance.
4. Water Proofing – The panels square measure waterproof beneath most of the conditions.
5. wonderful Thermal and Sound Insulation – The panels provide splendid thermal and sound insulation.
6. Stain Resistant – proof against being stained and marked.
7. wash-and-wear – The panels square measure wash-and-wear.
8. Environment-Friendly – They turn out no waste or negative impacts on the surroundings. 9. wonderful Flatness – wonderful Flatness eliminating distortion or deflection

1. These are simply created
2. they're light-weight
3. because the crosswise is skinny they occupy less space of the ground.
4. Offers needed privacy for the inhabitants of the building Customized panels per specific color and grades are made for the shoppers. it's used majorly for interior applications. it's protecting film and it's counseled to get rid of protecting film among forty-five days. For additional facilitate in creating your house a touch additional versatile place to figure, contact Alstrong India for the proper partition panel for the workplace. At Armstrong India, we try to assist you to maximize your potential. We are leading Modular Partition Panel Supplier in India.

Modular workplace partition and panel systems in low height panels yet as floor-to-ceiling partition systems that square measure simple to put in, re-configure and dismantle, to supply the pliability required to supply dynamic work environments. The standard panels feature integrated cable management systems, and square measure offered in numerous surface finishes like glass, laminate, and material. This facilitates the creation of individual work areas as required; from unrestricted workplace layouts, tiny cubicles and cabins to giant conference rooms. The partition modules square measure complemented by a large vary of desks and storage components in matching modularity for convenience. We are leading Modular Partition Panel Supplier in India.

Specifications of wall panel and ceiling

Standard size 1220 X 2400-5000 mm with thickness 30 / 50/80/100/150 mm
MOC GI Pre-Coated / SS -304 with
Thickness 0.6 / 0.8 / 1 mm With aluminum profile Puff insulation with density 45 kg/m3

Doors: Flush type Doors with view panel with bottom wiper to avoid the ingress of outside dirty air to clean area with customized clean room type door handle ;locks ;Push plate; hinges and concealed door closer.

We have customized the 3d coving for corner and 2d coving for vertical for corner.

We have other accessories like double glazed view panel, inbuilt riser, electrical conduit for wiring required for electrical socket with SS cover plate.

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