Dispensing and Sampling Unit

Dispensing booth and sampling of class 100 are made in double skin construction in SS 304 / 316 L with puff insulation to give the dynamic look and to avoid the vibration during operation. These equipment are used for filling, refilling, weighing and sampling of raw material and compounds used for Pharma application to protect the operator and product both.

It is provided with HEPA filter, which prevents the airborne dusts due to negative chamber to avoid the out flow of the powder outside the booth resulting in powder contamination protection and to protect the operator and the surrounding environment.

The dispensing booth are used for production and generally are larger in size and made customized as per the room size and the size of drum used for dispensing the powder whereas sampling booth are of same application and comes in smaller size as they are used only for testing the sample powder or liquid to be used for production.

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