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Cleanroom Global Projects

Cleanroom Global Projects is one stop solution to clean room application to protect the production process & operator by controlling the particulate matter in principal which governs the control of viable counts [TVA] within the room and desired the temperature & RH to minimize the growth of colony forming unit [CFU] to maintain the sterility.

The air flow pattern are very sensitive within the clean room to eliminate the eddies or swirls development due to air dynamic and its obstacles with some objects .These eddies results in generating the packet for accumulation of particulate and creating a nucleus and hence should be avoided .The trajectory and velocity of air movement plays a important role to minimize the same by proper location of supply and pickup points of air flow movement.

We undertake the turn-key projects of HVAC with Clean room finishes in Modular construction with Partition panel, Doors, Double glazed View panel, Flooring & Accessories along with the customized solution for the Laminar Air Flow Equipments in all types format ..

We are having rich experience in Pharma sector and biotechnology with current cGMP practices required for the international approval like WHO-U.S.FDA-U.K.MHRA.... and also we have high specialization in the field of industrial application for their requirement of Clean room to give them an edge in competition with global supplier in the market..

The documentation and validation part is taken care by our experts team engaged Right from the initial discussion till handover of documents. We feel proud to give our services as third party auditors required in prestgious government sectors for validation and testing certification.

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