Bio Safety Cabinet

Bio safety of class 100 are made in double skin construction in SS 304 / 316 With puff insulation to give the dynamic look and to avoid the vibration during operation.

Bio safety cabinet are used to protect personnel, product, and the environment from exposure to bio hazards and to avoid cross contamination during examination or analysis of bio hazards.

We developed a wide variety of biological safety cabinets designed to meet diverse applications in the research work related to life science, clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratory.

Because of the critical nature of such laboratory work, we designed and manufactured to meet specific needs of the workplace, and to operate within a performance envelope which guarantees of safety of personal and product protection.

Main objective of bio safety cabinet

Class of Bio Safety Cabinet

  • Class I- low to moderate risk biological hazard
  • ClassII- moderate risk biological hazard
  • ClassIII- high risk biological hazard

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